Experience in Sectors

We have experience in a wide variety of sectors that make us a creditworthy company and with capacity to offer global services.
Our vocation and high capacity for innovation make us the ideal strategic partner to meet the major challenges that lie ahead when developing new services in reduced time.

The high and changing competition in all sectors where we work force companies to reinvent themselves every day. The ability to reduce the time in which companies can offer services to their customers is key to our success in launching new products.



We have carried out projects in several countries in the European Union and we are expanding to Latin America and Asia.

IBEX 35 companies

We work with companies that are listed on the IBEX 35 and after the first project, all these companies have repeated with us.

years of experience

We have over 16 years of experience working with Tridion Content Manager and with the suite of SDL products.


Our people are our most precious asset.

We have worked hard the last few years to earn the trust of major companies. So much so that most of the organizations for which we have worked, have returned to rely on Fecron as a technological partner company.
We have grown in a moderate way, which has allowed us to continue offering a personalized service to our customers and, thanks to our office of projects where we offer global solutions (from engineering to 24x7 support), we have innovated by making use of the latest technologies and devising their own unique products.

With Fecron your guaranteed advantages:

  • Reduced time to offer products on the market (Time-to-Market).
  • Flexibility in the development of products, according to agile methodologies.
  • Implementation of modern technologies that allow you to deliver new features.
  • A technological partner with multidisciplinary team with years of experience.

All the experience accumulated in the service of our customers.

Why choose us?

  • Latest technologies
  • Exclusive Products
  • Custom development
  • Customer oriented
  • Sustainable growth
  • Global 360º solutions
  • Project office




In Fecron, we have effective services that adapt to continuous change in the leisure and tourism sector.

For the tourist sector companies that need to reach their customers through any device, at any time and from any place, we put in their hands multiplatform technology solutions that enable them to respond with agility to current challenges and to the constant changes in the market.

Public Administration

Public Administration

For Fecron, the public administrations sector is a sector with a large number of technological references and successful projects.

For years we have been collaborating with the public sector to provide technological and innovative services of high quality with a high volume of work. The keys to our success within the public sector are mainly due to our adaptation and flexibility in our work processes, strict quality control, effective management and cost control.

Telecomunications and Media

Telecomunications and Media

We help companies in the telecommunications and media sector to respond successfully to their challenges through innovative technological solutions.

Over the years, we have accumulated experience running projects on the value chain and the product life cycle of companies in the telecommunications and media sector. This has given us a unique advantage: to offer our customers applications from start to finish. We can provide integrated solutions, consolidating our experience in several industries, thanks to our multi-sectoral positioning. We create, design and operate solutions for businesses and organizations focused on telecommunications and the media.

Retail Trade

Retail Trade

In Fecron, we accept the challenges presented by the retail sector incorporating effective and advanced technological solutions.

We are aware that the 'Retail' or retail trade and technology are changing very rapidly. The way in which consumers buy today is radically different than the way they did only a few years ago and will continue to evolve in the future. The present consumer expects a complete shopping experience, custom and available at any time and place, using simultaneously on all channels to its scope (physical stores, webs of electronic commerce, mobile platforms, call centers and social networks). We offer solutions that enable you to integrate multichannel independent information systems that manage each one of the channels of sale, giving solutions to both large multinational corporations such as small and medium-sized enterprises in the sector.

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