Fecron is SDL's only certified Training Partner in Spain. We can make different types of training tailored for both users and technicians. We also adapt to the way you want to receive training, in your job or through the network, thanks to e-learning. And, as in the other services we offer, language is not a problem. We can give training in both English and Spanish. We offer you:


They are the ones in charge of feeding the website of content. They´ll be able to manage all operative functions of the tool and deal with the daily issues.

Business managers

They enhance the company e-commerce. These managers will be able to manage all the issues that affect the online business and its impact.

Development teams

Development teams will be able to create new templates and to manage
the main functions of the tool for the
design of new pages.


Administrators recibe specific information about the implementation of our tools in the system. The will also be able to solve any issue of the software.


All those people who are responsible for the maintenance and creation of content in the company receive this training, which explains the tools aimed to manage and organize the content of the site. The student will learn the characteristics and benefits of the interface, as well as its main functionalities.

The sessions are structured so that the practice is constituted as an important part, alternating the theory with exercises in which real situations are exposed.

These courses can be taught in Spanish or English, and you can choose to receive them in person or make an online session. You set the rhythm of your formation.

Business managers

The online business has become one of the main sources of income for companies. If it is your case, we have tools that enhance it and help simplify maintenance tasks.

Thanks to the course created for this profile, the company's e-commerce managers will be able to structure the section of the site aimed to sales and monitor it automatically, as well as obtain detailed analyses of it.

After the training, the student will be able to implement the models that best fit to develop new ways of business, or to increase the sales in the current ones. Like the rest of courses, it can be customized according to the needs of the client in a matter of languages and availability.

Development teams

When developing new pages or minisites, the problems of implementation arise. With this course, the developers of the company will acquire the main key concepts to implement models of content and new designs with our tools.

The students will be able to learn with examples of functional designs and finish the course creating necessary schemes to define their own models. This way, the editors will find the maximum facilities to establish an attractive and quality content.

The training can be done online and in both English and Spanish.


The course designed for administrators and system equipment provides students a wide view of the level of Web architecture needed to implement the tool, as well as key features of it.

The training details how to configure SDL Web in an environment that uses a new type of Manager and service, as well as all the resources necessary for the correct use of the program. Training attendees will learn to monitor, maintain and resolve the incidents of a website developed with SDL. They will also expand their knowledge about the necessary upgrades and their correct installation.

The flexibility to impart the course includes schedules and languages, being able to perform as well as other formations in person, online, in Spanish or English.

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