We offer customized solutions and services for each company. Starting from software tools like SDL tridion, we transform companies and improve the experience with their customers. Since 2007 we are one of the main references of CMS in Spain, managing the most powerful software on the market, with the largest number of SDL Tridion consultants. We are able to bring value to companies through different ways. Find out which of our services and/or solutions fits your plan better.


We implement the CMS that best adapts to your company, from the acquisition of the license, the implementation, personalization and updating, to the continuous training so you can squeeze the tool to the maximum.

We have our own extensions developed by us to go beyond what a traditional CMS offers you, with which you will be able to analyze in real time your campaigns, perform A/B tests, or segment your audience.

We are experts in improving the user experience, with the increase of business that entails. Whether you need to boost content marketing in your company, make translations or unify technical content, Fecron is your ideal partner to travel the path.

Consulting and support

We Audit your resources and find improvement points to implement new systems or make them coexist with what you already have (CMR, ERP, analytics).

We keep track of your activity and projects in progress, we inform you of new opportunities and upcoming updates, always taking the most out of your applications. Thanks to SDL Tridion DX you will be able to:

  • - Optimize your website at both desktop and mobile level

  • - Unify your content in all plattforms

  • - Group technical info in manuals or documents

  • - Publish all your content in several languages automatically

  • - Add value to your e-commerce

Software solutions

In Fecron we have developed new extensions over the SDL Tridion software. They upgrade the service that companies can offer their customers to differentiate from competitors.

Ask us about this and we will tell you how to make the most of your possibilities. Some of the extensions we have successfully developed allow to:

  • - Manage the customer data and generate custom promotions for each user

  • - Create landing pages with no extra support from IT department

  • - Link SDL tool with your analytics tool to check the performance of your site

  • - Make A/B tests to measure the success of each of the experiments you perform

  • - Increase security, to keep all your content always safe

  • - Create mobile and desktop applications in the most easy and fast way
Algunas de las herramientas que usamos:

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