The internationalization of the contents has disappeared to give way to the globalization of them thanks to Digital world. Translation plays a fundamental role in this whole process, even conditioning companies future. Fecron, as the main partner of SDL Tridion in Spain, manages the world's largest translation tool. We can automate the translation of all your content thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, or organize a team of translators and inform you on time of the state of the work thanks to the Language Cloud tool of SDL. Your translations, always on time and perfect.

Fully automatic translation

The machine is in charge of translating your content. It has millions of terms
in all languages. Besides, thanks to Artificial Intelligence it learns in a
progessive way, using tone and terminology desired.

Manual translation

We can manage your translators team in a fully automatic way. Our tool
optimizes the translation process in time and money, recognizing
all the repeated terms to not paying more.

Automatic translation

Our system is in charge of translating the text thanks to Artificial Intelligence. It Identifies the terms that are repeated to streamline the process and reach very short response times, so the result comes sooner.

In addition, the system identifies the tone and terminology you want to use to further customize the service. It translates more than 200 million words a year for all types of documentation, from alerts, FAQs, user manuals...

The specific terminology of every field is no longer a problem. The machine has already learnt all over the time all word needed in any case.

Manual translation

We can provide you translators or manage your own. Times are reduced and we give you an agile and coordinated service.

How do we do it? Our IMT-PE system identifies the repeated terms and sends to the translator the parts that are still untranslated. This way you only pay for the words that were not previously translated, saving time and money.

With more than 1.100 translators, testers and professional agencies, no text will resist.

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