User Experience has become one of the obsessions of the companies. Catching the public on the web to get conversions is with no doubt the factor that differentiates the success from the failure. With the solutions offered by Fecron you will be able to develop the ideal environment for each type of user, taking full advantage of the Big Data automatically, and customizing content, image, and even the single-user purchasing process. And in the specific language of each visitor, so that everything becomes much simpler.

Personalized content

Get more traffic to your website with attractive contents translated and personalized for each user.

Ideal environment

Your customers will feel like been at home, with an environment that
invites to stay more time in the site.

Optimize the Big Data

Optimize all the information your users give you in the most easy way, to reach all your objectives.

Better purchasing process

Personalize the purchasing options for each one of your clients depending on their preferences and characteristics.

Customized and translated content

Content is king. Without a good content to offer, a website will hardly catch your target audience. But what if in addition to displaying a good content, is shown customized for each type of user?

Fecron develops tools that adapt all content based on the Customer Journey. Depending on the source, the type of device, or the navigation of each user, the content will be different and will be appropriate to the profile.

The language is not a problem, since you can develop different webs in several markets with several languages in each one. The software we use is one of the most recognized in the world in this aspect, so you will always have accurate translations in any language.

Customized images and environment

When the user enters a website wants to feel at home, and that its activity as attractive as possible. Fecron can provide that service so that your customers always find the most friendly visual environment possible. If that environment is customized, the possibilities of generating business on the web increase.

If they look for a trip to the Caribbean, they will enter a shopping page with images of the Caribbean. For the followers of a particular sport, the environment will be related to that sport when the service or the content they seek are related. You´ll be able to manage everything automatically. Tell us your needs and we adapt the tools to show this type of services with the minimum effort by your side.

You'll get more differentiation from your competitors and a consistent user experience. In addition, the results will be faster and the conversion rates increase as well as the length of the sessions.

Take advantage of Big Data

The good or bad use of the data has now become one of the biggest challenges for most companies. The fact of having information to interact with the clients to offer a service, a promotion, or to adapt your products to their preferences, is one of the great inflection points when obtaining a good commercial management.

With the services that we propose, you will optimize your data on your website automatically. You won't need a thorough analysis, our tools will do it for you, to manage your entire database and take advantage of it when you need to improve the user experience, or the purchase of products on your site.

We turn your data into a powerful tool on which to base the rest of your digital strategy. Thanks to Fecron you will see the Big Data as a challenge to face instead of considering it a basic resource to improve your business.

Personalize the purchasing process

We are able to personalize this process, guiding the user step by step to the best option for him and for whom he offers the product. If you do not want a certain group of users to have access to the purchase of a service, or to vary the price of the product based on the purchasing level, or redirect the customer depending on his geographical zone, we can do it.

The best advantage of this type of service is that you do not have to worry about how to make a generic purchase process that does not gives you the desired benefit of not convincing all users. This way, all users get what they want before they make the purchase, which easies their ability to decide at the key moment.

For the company it is an opportunity to segment its services, or to obtain a higher sales in products treated as residuals. It also establishes impossible filters to create when the acquisition process is focused in an heterogeneous audience.

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